Principal Timeka Brown

Timeka N. Brown is a proud native of Flint, Michigan. Ms. Brown holds a Bachelor's Degree from Baker- Flint, a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix Cross Categorical Special Education, and a Master of Arts Degree from Eastern Michigan University in K-12 Administration. The ability to service students throughout the State of Michigan has been a blessing. Ms. Brown served as a resource room teacher for three years with Burton Glen Charter Academy. After an internal promotion, Ms. Brown became the Dean of intervention for one year. The second year in leadership, she was promoted to be the only Special Education Dean in a management company of more than 80 schools. The role of Special Education Dean was created especially for Ms. Brown. Promoting and supporting the growth of teachers and students in the special education department was a great task that was done with love, and Ms. Brown served in that position for three and a half years.  Knowledge of Special Education in conjunction with a natural leadership ability has opened many doors throughout Ms. Brown's career in education for the past ten years.